Organising a dealer meet? Here are top 5 mantras for success

Dealer Meets - Top 5 mantras for ensuring success

Dealer meets are crucial for identifying growth prospects in the near future, for any organisation. Here are 5 mantras to ensure success

Dealers and Distributors are important to any company. They help reach the end customer geographically, are the first points of contact to receive customer feedback, represent the company to the end user and have to factor in issues such as bad debt, complaints, returns and stringent policies. 

So when a company decides to organise a dealer meet - it must ensure all communication and feedback channels are open. Here are 5 mantras we recommend companies to adopt - while organising dealer meets.

1. Ensure smooth travel/transit process 

It is crucial to ensure no hardships are faced by your dealers in the travel and transit process. Bookings from home-> airport, flight bookings, coach bookings up to hotel, hotel room bookings, meal preferences, return from hotel to airport, return flight, and airport to home transit are just few of the milestones event planners need to think about. Multiply this by hundreds of dealers, and combinations of hub and spoke travel (tier 2, tier 3 cities to main tier 1 city) and often we realise several mistakes are being made in bookings. What makes it harder is that often, dealers are invited to bring along spouse, or partner or family to these events, and some dealers opt to bring either colleagues or business partners to the events.

An event registration site will reduce the stress and work required for you to organise travel plans for your dealers. It allows dealers to themselves upload their travel plans and photo IDs. You can set the criteria for travel, number of companions, meal preferences, hotel check in, check out, trip extension options etc. and allow the dealers to fill the same info using a website.
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2. Allow 2 way communication through out the event experience
Good companies are always open to receiving feedback from dealers. With the gathering of senior leadership, dealers, and various functional head , it is a great opportunity to pool in all thoughts and concerns on one event application. These event applications come in handy because they are
a. Time bound, and hence reply is expected quickly
b. Bypass hierarchy, as dealers can post queries and concerns to the top most decision maker
c. Allow crowd sourcing of ideas to better improve processes
Procialize Event Apps provides some good channels to streamline communication

a. Q&A -

Our apps allow questions to be asked to Speakers, or session, or in general, collate the same in a pool of questions. For each of these 3 options, we provide a like button for others to upvote a particular question. In addition, we allow questions to be reviewed by admins before they are visible to all.

And finally, approved questions appear on our responsive web-based screens that can be beamed on  projectors.

b. Live Poll -

Opinions are often diverse, and it becomes essential to capture them for gaining clarity on various issues. 

Polls allow company's to quickly gain objective opinion instantly. Our polling feature allows polls and options to be populated before hand, and to be made "active" at the right time. We also allow results to be either shown instantly, or to be shown once admin approves the same.

Polls can then be analysed in terms of geography, age profile, or any other criteria depending on what user information we are capturing.

c. Event Feed -

An event feed on the app ensures latest updates are made available by your company. But besides this, dealers can post updates, images and videos as well, thereby making it an open for all communication medium. Others can also like, comment and share these posts. This helps dealers get noticed and thereby gain prominence.

3. Allow information exchange among dealers for discussing best practices -
We firmly believe communication among dealers should be made possible. This provides a sense of comfort, and transparency. Dealers should be able to send 1-1 messages to each other and thereby exchange best marketing practices. Our apps provide this feature, along with a list of attendees with a profile picture, company name, chance to send 1-1 message, and save contact on device.

4. Ensure documents are readily available - 
Be it price lists, product specifications, discount schemes, training videos, speaker presentations or any other important collateral

5. Capturing feedback - 
 It is always a great idea to have feedback capturing mechanisms at multiple places. Procialize does this intelligently in multiple ways

a. Session-wise rating  - 
 Users can choose to rate a particular session, 15 minutes before it's about to end on a scale of 1-5. This helps provide quick and honest feedback to the organizer about improvements to sessions

b. Speaker-wise rating -
 Speakers can be rated on a scale of 1-5. In addition subjective based rating is also provided, to ensure impacted attendees can highlight key aspects

c. Third party surveys / native forms - 
 Procialize provides a provision of embedding any third party survey link that can open the survey pages in the in-app browser. In addition we also have a basic survey creator to capture feedback in an excel CSV.

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